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C Programming Hand Written Notes Free Download

C Programming Hand Written Notes Free Download

    Hello  Friends... Welcome to the blog of King Of Developers. In this article, I provide C Programming Hand Written Notes for free download. Before download the C Programming Handmade note let us know about What is C language, is C Programming Worth Learning in 2020, and What makes C mother of all languages. So, Continue reading this article and in the final Download the Hand Written Notes of C Programming Language.
C Programming Hand Written Notes Download

What is C Programming Language?

  • C Language is the structured oriented programming language which was developed by Dennis-T-Ritchie in the year 1970 at AT&T Bell's Telephone lab.
  • This language was originally developed from a programming language BCPL(Basic Computer Programming Language), commonly known as B-Language.
  • The first version of C Language was only working in Unix Operating System.

Is C Programming Worth Learning in 2020?

  • If u are completely noob in Programming then Learning C is a must.
  • Now coming to syntax, C can be hard for beginners but still, lots of tutorials are available.

What makes C mother of all languages?

  • All computers are still using it and it's the foundation of just about all modern programming languages.
  • A base for C++ if you love GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).
  • Every computer science engineer knows it.
  • Supports threading and multiprocessing.
  • C programmers get huge Salaries.
  • No strict indentation.
  • Supports pointers.

Syllabus Covered in C Programming Hand Written Notes:-

1) Introduction to Programming Language, Introduction to C Programming, Character Set, C Tokens, Keywords & Identifiers, Constants, Variables, Data Types, Variables, Storage Classes, Operators (Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Assignment, Increment & Decrement, Conditional, Bitwise), Expressions, Input and Output Operations.

2) Decision Making and Branching: Simple IF Statement, IF ….. ELSE Statement, Nesting IF …. ELSE Statement, ELSE IF Ladder, Switch Statement, Operator, GOTO Statement, Decision Making, and Looping: The WHILE Statement, The DO Statement, The FOR Statement, Jumps in LOOPS, Arrays, Character Arrays, and Strings.

3) User-defined Functions: Need, Elements & Definition, Function Calls, Function Definition, Category of Functions, Recursion. Structures and Unions: Defining, Declaring, Accessing, Initialization Structure, Arrays of Structures, Arrays within Structures, Structures and Functions, Unions.

4) Pointers: Accessing the Address of a Variable, Declaring Pointer Variables, Initializations of Pointer Variable, Accessing a Variable through its Pointer, Chain of Pointers, Pointer Expressions, Pointer Increments and Scale Factor, Pointers and Arrays, Pointers and Character Strings, Array of Pointers, Pointers as Function Arguments, Functions Returning Pointers, Pointers to Functions, Pointers to Structures, Troubles with Pointers.

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Best C Programming Text Books for beginners(Download PDF) :

1) Programming in ANSI C by E.Balguruswamy.
2) C in Depth (2nd Edition).
3) C in Hindi.

Hope You all like this article about C Programming Hand Written Notes with Best Books Buying Links and i also provide PDF of some books.

Conclusion: How did you like this article of C Programming Hand Written Notes Download. You must tell us by commenting in the comment box below.
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