Php & Ajax based Comment System []

King's Comment System is based on Php and Ajax. Some of its key features are reliable, secure, fast, flexible, liquid layout, social media integration and cross browser It is very user friendly and free. and much more . . . Click here.

Bullet Proof Password Generation

Login attacks are very common today. Assuming the worst case scenario that your database is exposed to spammers. So you need to encode your password in such a way in which it can't be converted to original password Click here.

Avoiding Comment Attack

Comments can become nightmares for any developer if he/she does not use precaution's to avoid spam. Not to mention Website SEO rating can also be dropped Click here.

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Tips. SEO Tips and techniques, Google Optimization, SEO for Beginners. Why your website doesn't already rank well? Forget the good old days of
META TAG manipulation. Hundred Worst practices for designing a high traffic website.

Website Optimization is a complex issue, but should be known by every entrepreneur who wants to succeed on the Internet. Why it is equally important that your website do well in Search Engine and Users likes it too? We tell us how to keep the balance between Search Engine Requirements and User Requirements and much more. Click here.

SEO White Hat Techniques

We firmly believe in SEO White Hat Techniques and they will give you a long term positive effect. We also discuss, Why Search Engine like ethical marketing? What is Search Engine Ethical TAG?

Top 30 SEO White Hat Techniques . . . Click here.

SEO Black Hat Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques might have some short term positive effect, the long term implications can be disastrous for your website.

These are short term solutions that can lead to a permanent ban in the top engines. Once you are banned in Google, Yahoo, MSN or ASK, you may as well dump your site and start over. If you're looking for long term success on the internet, don't cheat the Search Engines.

Top 10 SEO Black Hat Techniques. . . . Click here.

CSS Latest Tools

Over the years CSS programmers are working hard for development of such tools which improve the capabilities of CSS

CSS is now introducing new layout tools like flexible box. For more details Click here.

CSS Animations

"Animating" with CSS used to be limited to hovering effects. With :hover and :focus pseudo classes we've been able to change color, size, background-color, position, and many other CSS properties based on user action. The :hover trick provides only two states - hovered and non-hovered - with only two keyframes: start and end, and no tweening between these states.

But now CSS3 transitions solved the tweening issue how? Click here.

jQuery Image Sliders

World's hottest and finest 3D and 2D jQuery image sliders are now on www.kingofdevelopers.com. Image sliders like Rotating Image Cube, Nivo Slider, Circular Motion, Royal Slider, Estro Slider, Wow Blast Affect, Wow Noble Effect

Z Index Gallery, Minimalist Gallery and much more Click here. To get all of them Free

PDF Books

To find the books you looking for come here. We have books fron aspiring authors Absolutely FREE. No subscription. Click here.


Download huge collection of Free PSD Buttons, PSD Icon, PSD Images. Download Free Click here.

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